The Peaches program is not your typical watch yourself squat in a mirror booty program. This is a four week training program that will challenge you and build a stronger booty through intense workouts.

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Who is Peaches For?

Lower Body Focused Training

Peaches 1.0 is a 4-week program that includes 3 lower body workouts, 1 upper body workout, and 1 core focused workout per week. The sessions are 60 minutes.

Any Level of Lifting Experience

This is a serious training program. It won't be like the thousands of butt workouts programs that claim to tone or build your butt. You will train hard but it is beginner friendly.

Access to a Full Gym

With the variety of workouts in the Peaches Program, we do recommend that you have access to a box or a gym.



"This program is AWESOME!! The workouts are killer and have really helped me improve all around. I never thought I would be able to do some of the exercises written, and definitely surprised myself with my own abilities as the weeks went on. I’m someone who really struggles with eating and losing weight. This program allowed me to keep a handle on my nutrition without ever feeling deprived. I have also lost 13 pounds and 5% body fat in 8 weeks!!"


-Betsy Biehl. Odessa, TX



"If you're ready to work hard and give your body the fuel and fire it deserves, then the Naked Program is for you. I can't say enough about the successes I've seen throughout this program, and the safe and supportive community it provides. The Naked Team have mastered this program, so get ready to work hard and feel great!"


-Jennifer Tuck. Elmvale, Ontario.



"The biggest changes I experienced with this challenge was having so much energy due to eating healthy and cutting alcohol out of my diet, my gymnastics also got so much better! I truly feel the best I have in years! I haven't done muscle ups since the opens and now I can do them again and even string a few together! My favorite part of the program may be the support and togetherness that I can always find in the facebook group"


-Tracy Candilore. Pittsfield, MA.


Take the NAKED challenge today and start your journey with a whole community behind you.


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